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Samuel L. Jackson

Frank Miller, Don’t Read This, Part 1

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares “Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit seems to be coasting on the fact that Miller was able to cast several actresses in a movie about a male crime fighter. That, and that Sam Jackson is willing to wear… Continue Reading →

Nope, ‘The Spirit’ movie doesn’t work in Zaire, either (Post Online)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesAll-star cast cannot save story 2009/09/04 BASED on the graphic novel by Will Eisner, this film is a prime example of the film makers spending too much on the visual effects and the cast’s salaries, and not paying enough… Continue Reading →

Behind the ‘Spirit’ mask, a substantial career for actor Gabriel Macht (New York Daily News)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesImage by Getty Images via Daylife BY ETHAN SACKS DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER December 19th 2008, 4:00 AM Gabriel Macht as the title character in the comic book-inspired film ‘The Spirit,’ opening Friday. Who was that masked man? The… Continue Reading →

The threads of THE SPIRIT (Mania.com)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesImage by Strandell via Flickr By Rob M. Worley December 19, 2008 When we left the cast and crew of ‘The Spirit‘ yesterday , actor Dan Lauria (who plays commissioner Dolan in the film) expressed his enthusiasm for the… Continue Reading →

Spirit stars at abandoned warehouse (The Press Association)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesImage by Getty Images via Daylife Dec 4, 2008 The stars of comic book film adaptation The Spirit have appeared at an abandoned warehouse. Rather than a Leicester Square premiere, Samuel L Jackson, Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johannson graced… Continue Reading →

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