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Jack Kirby

Top Ten Most Influential Comics Artists #2: Will Eisner (ComicsCube)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesBy Duy Today’s influential artist is Will Eisner! Why Is He Influential? How could Will Eisner not be influential? Moreso, how could he not be this high up on the list? If things had been a little different, if… Continue Reading →

Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist on DVD (Scoop)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares The acclaimed documentary Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist is finally coming to DVD. Written by Comic Book Artist editor Jon B. Cooke, directed by Andrew Cooke, and released by Montilla Pictures, the film explores the life… Continue Reading →

Will Eisner: The Spirit of Comics (NYCGraphicsNovelists.com)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Will Eisner, image via Wikipedia Words: Christopher Irving  When Will Eisner spoke on the comics page, it was in a language that was distinctly no one else’s but his own. What Jack Kirby did with visual power, Will… Continue Reading →

Stephen King & Peter Straub Talk Comic Books (Newsarama)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Newsarama: Who would you rather be drawn by: Jack Kirby or Will Eisner? Peter Straub: Will Eisner. Stephen King: Kirby. Click HERE to Keep Reading! ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares

DVD Review: Will Eisner: Profession: Cartoonist (Newsarama.com)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesImage via WikipediaBy Steve Fritz22 December 2008 WILL EISNER: PROFESSION: CARTOONIST (Image Entertainment) With the arrival of The Spirit movie in theaters this week, no one should be surprised that a documentary about Will Eisner just hit the market…. Continue Reading →

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