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Ivy McCloud on Comic-Con 2010: Well, I got to the end of Comic Con anyway…

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Scott McCloud, image via Wikipedia Ivy McCloud, writer of the blog post that follows, is the wife of noted comics author and artist Scott McCloud,best known for Understanding Comics. You can read her post in its entirety HERE…. Continue Reading →

Denis Kitchen, THE ART OF HARVEY KURTZMAN; UNDERGROUND CLASSICS co-author: Mr. Media Radio Interview

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesIn the world of comics, Denis Kitchen can do it all. Cartoonist, editor, publisher, museum consultant—heck, he even produced a daughter, Alexa, who is rapidly developing into a word-class artist in her own right. I’ve known Denis personally since… Continue Reading →

Brendan Burford, SYNCOPATED cartoonist, King Features comics editor: Mr. Media Radio Interview

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesIf you read the comics in your daily newspaper, my guest today has probably touched your life. Spider-Man, Hagar the Horrible and Curtis all report to him at his day job as comics editor for King Features Syndicate. But… Continue Reading →

Jonathan Rosenberg, GOATS web cartoonist: Mr. Media Radio Interview

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 SharesJon Rosenberg, you had me at the gray-skinned alien who said, “On our planet, people worship pancakes.” That’s the point—it was page three, I believe—that I realized that Goats: Infinite Typewriters was spinning out of control and I loved… Continue Reading →

Gary Groth, Kim Thompson, THE COMICS JOURNAL, FANTAGRAPHICS editors: Mr. Media Radio Interview

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Kim Thompson, Eric Reynolds and Gary GrothFantagraphics———————— They are probably the best-known good cop/bad cop team in comics today. “They” are Gary Groth, the founder of The Comics Journal, and his partner in Fantagraphics—and fellow editor—Kim Thompson. Fantagraphics… Continue Reading →

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