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Ivy McCloud, writer of the blog post that follows, is the wife of noted comics author and artist Scott McCloud,best known for Understanding Comics. You can read her post in its entirety HERE.

“I really need to finish my Con report on the one hand, on the other, it’s been a very busy week since we’ve gotten back, so there are things there to talk about, and, on still another hand (in my world, I do indeed have three) there’s a very special day coming on Sunday! I am wary of doing a post long enough to encompass it all.

Ok, I’ll start with an abbreviated “what I did for the rest of Con” (I believe we got through Friday, right?):

Saturday was a panel day for me. I think I barely hit the exhibit hall all day:

Scott was on a “Will Eisner The Dreamer panel”. I loved Will and it was fun hearing everyone talk about him. It was an okay panel. I was upset that a perfectly reasonable question didn’t get answered when it really should have. I think that made the panel less accessible to the audience. Of all of the panels Scott was on, this was the weakest (interestingly, it was the only panel that he was on with more than just one person, maybe my familial bias is showing here…) .”

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