The Comics Alternative host by Derek Royal, Bob Andelman, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

The Comics Alternative hosted by Derek Royal, featuring an interview with Bob Andelman, author of Will Eisner: A Spirited Life

For Will Eisner Week 2016, Derek Royal, co-host of “The Comics Alternative” podcast, interviewed me about the second edition of Will Eisner: A Spirited Life.

It was easily one of the best and deepest dives I’ve done to date on the book; Derek’s knowledge of Eisner, his career, life and comics in general is extraordinary.

Here is how he describes the show on his site:

In the conversation, Bob discusses the genesis of the project and how he came to meet Eisner. He also shares several of his most memorable moments working with the legend, as well as some of the challenges in writing the biography. This recent deluxe edition, in particular, allowed him to expand his initial work and offer a more complete picture of the man. Derek talks with Bob about how the addition of brand new interviews, as well as archival material and legal documentation not available at the time of his first edition, rounds out the biography and makes Will Eisner more fully human and less of an abstracted icon. They also discuss the various stages of Eisner’s life and the different tones he struck in his comics, such as the autobiographical reflections found in To the Heart of the Storm, the sentimentality of Invisible People, the stark naturalism underlying Dropsie Avenue, the polemical turn of The Plot, and the innovative adventure that defined The Spirit newspaper inserts. All in all, you will find in this episode a spirited conversation — sorry for the predictable pun — with a writer and pop cultural critic that was a long time in coming.

Listen to “The Comics Alternative” interview by clicking here!