Will Eisner: A Spirited Life by Bob Andelman

Expanding on the Authorized Biography



Scott McCloud remembers the words of Will Eisner after Comic-Con 2010

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares “Will Eisner insisted again and again that CONTENT would always drive the industry and the art form. No matter what happened at the retail, publishing, or distribution levels; it was what happened on the page and in the… Continue Reading →

Will Eisner: A Dreamer’s Life in Comics by Michael Schumacher

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Not the first biography of the American Master, Will Eisner, but I look forward to reading it anyway! Product Description In Will Eisner: A Dreamer’s Life in Comics, Michael Schumacher delves beneath Eisner’s public persona to draw connections… Continue Reading →

ARTISTS: Stop Tracing. Start Cartooning Again. (Comic Book Resources)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Image via Wikipedia Excerpt from column by by Augie De Blieck Jr.: “The best cartoonists know exaggeration. That’s true of animation, where stretch and squash is the term given to how an object or character moves in an… Continue Reading →

Top Ten… Superhero Sidekicks! (Marty Michaels)

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares 6 April, 2010 “It’s about time I wrote something new about comics. I get to swear and mess around more when I write about comics then when I write about movies and, hey, swearing’s always fun. Firstly, an… Continue Reading →

The Neatorama Bill Morrison Interview/Simpsons Giveaway

ShareTweet+1SharePin0 Shares Image via Wikipedia By David  Mar 31, 2010  burninglily: What’s your muse? What was the deciding factor, that it moment when you just “knew” you were going to do this for the rest of your life? Bill Morrison: As… Continue Reading →

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