That’s Bob’s Mom on the right, pictured with two

of her grandchildren and her bald, bearded eldest child.

It may be that my own mother is the only one interested in an interview with me, but that’s what’s on tap this week. Instead of the usual Q & A format, this is an audio podcast. And no, I didn’t ask and answer my questions. This week’s interview was actually conducted by Paula Berinstein, host of “The Writing Show,” for her own weekly podcast.

The topic of the interview fits the Will Eisner: A Spirited Life Interview Series because it is really about Eisner and how the biography came together.Paula asked a lot of great questions and I thought that anyone interested enough to be reading this series might find this equally provocative.

You can listen to the interview online here or download it from the podcasts section of Apple’s iTunes store.Either way, it’s free.

Paula Berinstein, host of “The Writing Show.”

Here’s the way Paula describes the interview on her site:

“What makes a biography special? Is it enough that the subject has lived an interesting or famous life? This week we visit with Bob Andelman, author of Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, who tackles these questions and more. It’s a long interview, but Bob was so fascinating that I insisted he keep talking. I would have kept him longer, but I started to feel guilty. Please join us and see why I couldn’t stop.

“Join us for this riveting interview in which Bob discusses:

    • How he came to write the book

    • How he went about interviewing Will Eisner and the people who knew him

    • How he organized his research

    • How he dealt with difficult interviewees

    • How he decided what to put in the book and what to leave out

    • Whether he worried about being sued

    • What makes a great biography

    • What you should never, ever do when writing a biography

    • How he feels about including his own opinion

    • How he’s marketing the book

    • What it was like to work with the great Will Eisner.”

Interviewee: Bob Andelman

Host: Paula B

Date: August 14, 2006

Running time: 01:33:39

File size: 68 megabytes

Rating: G

Comics fans may also want to check out Paula’s earlier interview with Buddy Scalera on the topic, “Writing Comic Books.” It’s just one of dozens of great, informative conversations on the art and business of writing on her site.