This year, almost 2,000 comic book stores across the continent and around the planet plan to give away 2 MILLION comic books absolutely free! With up to 44 titles to choose from, the selection of books on May 5 will include comic books for all ages and tastes.

Free Comic Book Day is the perfect way to start off a summer of high adventure, especially since it will be held the day after SPIDER-MAN 3 hits theaters. There’s never been a better time to be a comic book fan, and you can keep up with the latest developments with official Free Comic Book Day updates like this one!

If you’re not sure which stores in your area are participating, check the Free Comic Book Day website in April and use the FCBD Locator on the home page, The website also has tons of information about the event, including special events, what special edition comics are available and how you can help spread the word!

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, enter your ZIP or postal code to find a store near you. If you’re outside the U.S. or Canada, click on the link below the text box for a menu-based locator that will help you find participating comic book stores in other countries., the socially networked online community and leading lifestyle portal that has revolutionized how more than 71 million members interact online, is another place where you can learn about Free Comic Book Day.

Just go to to find a wealth of information on the event! Everyone with a MySpace account is encouraged to add the Free Comic Book Day MySpace page to their MySpace friends list — and to place it among their Top 8‰ friends! Doing this will ensure that all visitors to your MySpace page will see the Free Comic Book Day link, giving countless new readers the chance to learn about the big event on May 5!

As always, be sure to tell your friends about Free Comic Book Day! There are going to be more than 2 million comics handed out for free on May 5, so get your friends to visit your local participating comic book store for a free comic, and watch as a new comic fan is born!