“The best example of the ‘300’ effect comes from Odd Lot Entertainment. The shingle has been deluged with calls from distribs interested in a project it’s been developing with the creator of “300”: ‘The Spirit,’ to be directed by Miller, who adapts from Will Eisner’s graphic novel about a detective fighting to prevent the release of a substance that will leave people in suspended animation.

“Odd Lot Intl. will be selling the title at Cannes. ‘Because of “300,” we think we’ve got a great shot with “The Spirit,”‘ says Brian O’Shea, Odd Lot’s exec VP of worldwide distribution. ‘As we get ready for Cannes, we’re really pitching it as being in the same vein as “300.” There’s nothing out there like this.'”

— Excerpt from story in Variety, “Ripple effect of ‘300’ hits Cannes: Film’s overseas B.O. bulks up genre’s prospects” by Dave McNary.