The European Parliament will censor incoming mail addressed to its members.

The surprise move, which runs counter to written policies of the institutions, came to light when the Transatlantic Institute, an organization linked to the American Jewish Committee, attempted to send individual copies of Will Eisner’s “The Plot” to parliamentarians.

“The Plot,” a graphic novel that outlines the history of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” explains the deceptive and pernicious nature of the “Protocols.” The book was sent to the parliamentarians for their information in response to the recent sale of the “Protocols” in the parliament’s building.

In response the Quaestors, a group of six parliamentarians elected to oversee that the procedures of the institutions are adhered to, have decided to check the contents of mail sent to members.

In a letter to parliamentarians, the director of the Transatlantic Institute, Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi, asked, “So why would the Protocols be easily available, but the refutation of the Protocols would not be allowed to reach MEPs?”

The head of the parliament’s mail service, Svend Clausen, said the decision to block the book was “for the moment again under consideration.” He stated further that the publication was denied delivery because “the first judgment was that this was mainly publicity for the Transatlantic Institute, accompanied by a more general historic document. It was not relevant to any actual legislative procedure or dossiers under discussion at the moment.”

Clausen also insisted that “normal letters arriving at the parliament will not be read.”

SOURCE: Jewish Telegraphic Agency