ROTTEN TOMATOES-UK Exclusive: Frank Miller On “The Spirit”…In 3D? (And Delays on “Sin City 2”!)

Joe Utichi writes: “Frank Miller is unmistakable in his famous black hat, particularly if you’re expecting him. While at the Cannes Film Festival last week our friends at MySpace invited us down to meet Miller and chat about his upcoming projects and it’s about time we let you know what he had to say, because we’ve been talking of little else around the office ever since.

“I’m out here mainly to introduce my new film, “The Spirit,” to buyers and press and all kinds of people,” he told Rotten Tomatoes UK, and we were keen to find out more about the project.

“It’s based on an old 1940’s comic by my mentor, Will Eisner, and it features a masked adventure up against all kinds of nasty people and all kinds of beautiful women,” he said, “Lionsgate are negotiating with Samuel L. Jackson to play the main villain; The Octopus. As far as I know the negotiations are going fine, but I’m not a negotiator!”

Of course, by stroke of coincidence we learned just before we sat down with Miller that Robert Rodriguez had been signed onto a remake of the classic sixties sex flick “Barbarella.” So what of “Sin City 2”? Rumours swirl that the project has been stalled by the breakdown of Rodriguez’ marriage. “Sin City 2 is still likely to happen,” says Miller, “just not right away. The script is written and Robert and I are raring to go, but it looks like I’m going to be doing The Spirit first and Robert’s going to be doing Barbarella first.”