Exclusive Look at Audition Sides from
Frank Miller’s The Spirit!

Written by Mr. E
Thursday, 13 September 2007

Mr. E is back and this time he takes a look at some top secret audition sides from Frank Miller’s The Spirit.

Mr.E here.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating at The Storyteller’s Café, a wonderful family restaurant attached to Disney’s Grand Californian, a spectacular hotel built in the American Craftsman style.

It was in-between breakfast and lunch, so as I walked from the restroom, I overheard three waiters with nothing better to do having this loud discussion: “Miller!” “No, Moore!” “You’re both wrong -it’s Gaiman!”

This heated discussion got my attention, of course, and I moseyed on over to the group.”Pardon me, gents . Watcha talking ’bout?” I enquired. One spoke up.”Oh-we’re trying to name the best storyteller in the comics medium.”I cleared my throat.

“Not taking anything away from those extraordinary gentlemen,” I paused for dramatic effect. “But you’ve all forgotten Eisner!” “Michael Eisner?” they all asked, referring to Disney’s not-so-very-loved-fairly-recently-departed CEO. “No-Will Eisner-creator of the Spirit-the guy the freaking Eisner Award was named for-while he was still alive!” “Geez folks, that Eisner!” “Lionsgate is making a Spirit movie now!” There was an uncomfortable silence.

“Oh” said waiter Francis Xavier (F.X) Finnegan. “My son-the aspiring actor- got these sides a few days ago. I didn’t know what to think.” He dug in his pockets and showed me seven ratty pages of a folded script.

“Oh cool! These are the sides to THE SPIRIT! Frank Miller is directing the adaptation!”

“Oh crap,” F.X. said dejectedly, “I thought it was a remake of THE WRAITH- you know, with Charlie Sheen and Sherilyn Fenn?”I paused for a moment to consider Sherilyn Fenn.”Nope.” I stated, “This is a movie to be based on Will Eisner’s groundbreaking series now re-envisioned by Darwyn Cooke in a comic published monthly by DC Comics (PLUG PLUG)!” “Can I read this?” I asked.”You can have it!”

He threw me the wrinkled mess of stapled papers. I thanked F.X and the guys and went back to my table to read me some Sides for THE SPIRIT!