By Erik Pedersen

Fri, Nov 30, 2007, 11:21 AM

E! Online

What It Is: The Spirit
Category: Will Eisner’s classic detective comic gets updated
Bottom Line: Whether you’re a fan already or not, you’ll be totally taken in by this revamped comic book

We’d heard of The Spirit, Will Eisner’s classic comic about a mask-wearing detective, but we’d never really made time to go back and really read it.

Our mistake.

Enter Darwyn Cooke, the glorious comic-book artist and writer who recently revamped The Spirit, and suddenly it all makes sense. Cooke, whose DC: The New Frontier is one of our absolute favorites, knows what makes a good comic book. It’s a combination of smarts, humor, compelling images and, when all else fails, the close commingling of square-jawed men and voluptuous ladies (whose goodness and va-va-voomness are inversely proportionate).

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