Will Eisner and PS Magazine
By Paul E. Fitzgerald

Paperback: $29.99
Ages, 16 and up
ISBN #1-932563-01-6
320 pages, color, 9″ x 12″
Available May/2008

Here’s the first penetrating, full look at Will Eisner’s main body of work—strips, covers, illustrations and design for PS Magazine—produced in a 21-year period between his memorable and historic run of The Spirit and publication of his acclaimed first graphic novel, A Contract With God, in 1978. Fitzgerald was the magazine’s first managing editor, and weaves together parallel stories—Eisner as an artist in expansive change, and the U.S. Army’s daringly innovative publication that moved from early perilous survival and bureaucratic brinkmanship to 57 years (and still going) of recognition as a sweepingly successful communications pacesetter.

The author’s knowledge of PS operations and challenges, production techniques, and personalities, coupled with his ongoing personal and professional friendship with Eisner from 1953 until the artist’s death in 2005, provides a unique and close-up look at the “middle period” of Eisner’s creative life. The Eisner shop reflected here included Chuck Kramer, Dan Zolnerowich, Mike Ploog, Murphy Anderson, Dan Spiegle, Alfredo Alcala, and Joe Kubert (who is the current PS contract artist.)

This large format volume is lavishly illustrated and the crisp, knowledgeable commentary is garnished by interviews with artists and editors who have served (or are serving) PS during its lively, continuing life.