By Editor &amp Publisher Staff

Published: May 02, 2008 1:25 PM ET

NEW YORK “An Evening With the Works of Will Eisner” will be held May 28 at the Storyopolis gallery/store in Los Angeles.

The exhibit marks the 30th anniversary of Eisner’s “A Contract With God,” which many consider the first “graphic novel.”

Eisner (1917-2005) also created the “The Spirit” character, who starred in a popular 16-page comic insert distributed in newspapers from 1940 to 1952. A movie version of “The Spirit” is scheduled for 2009 release.

He was also a legend in the world of comic books, and taught for many years at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

The May 28 event is co-sponsored by Storyopolis, the Association of Booksellers for Children, and the Denis Kitchen Art Agency.

Storyopolis is offering some of Eisner’s art for sale.