If you’re interested in the marketing approach behind Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit movie coming this Christmas, you’ll find the Google Group “thespiritproject” of great interest. According to its own description: “Students from the Art Institute of New York City create an advertising campaign for Lionsgate to promote Frank Miller’s new film, The SPIRIT, based on the Will Eisner comic book of the same name.”

Above, for example, is one of Philip Swift’s pitches for “Flash Mobs and Projections” (drawings by Michael Plath) found there.

I’m not sure what, if any, direct connection this group has to the film, Lionsgate (the distributor) or Odd Lot Entertainment (the producer), but their discussion and ideas are fascinating to watch unfold.

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And I’m kind of surprised this project wasn’t attempted by students from Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, where Eisner himself taught for many years.