With one foot in comics and the other in film, Frank Miller is Comic-Con

By Peter Rowe
July 20, 2008
San Diego Union-Tribune

When Hollywood makes “Comic-Con: The Movie,” about a meek little convention that morphs into a pop-culture behemoth, we know just the guy for the starring role.

Frank Miller is Comic-Con.

When the 39th annual Con opens this week – preview night is Wednesday, followed by four days of Spandex-and-celluloid madness – Miller will be inescapable. Look for the lanky guy with dark facial hair and a black fedora. He’ll be on the exhibition floor, where his comic books and graphic novels, from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns to 300, are hot collectibles.

He’ll be at Friday night’s Eisner Awards, the comic book industry’s Oscars, nominated for an omnibus edition of his Daredevil books.

He’ll be on a panel discussion about an upcoming December film starring Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson. The Spirit is based on characters created by one of Miller’s friends and inspirations, the late Will Eisner.

Yes, as in the aforementioned Eisner Awards.

“I really was a student of Will Eisner,” said Miller, 51. “He and I would have loud, often quite vulgar arguments. And he usually won.”

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