Who knew this was going to be such an interesting week for cartooning and comic strip news?

Not me. And not when I invited Alan Gardner to be my guest today.

Alan is the editor of the wildly popular web site DailyCartoonist.com, which is solely dedicated to news of daily comic strips and cartoons. If you’re a cartoonist—writer or artist—an editor, a fan or someone in the business, there are three sites you must check daily: Alan Gardner’s DailyCartoonist.com; David Astor at EditorandPublisher.com and Tom Spurgeon’s ComicsReporter.com.

So what’s going on? We have Lynn Johnston trying to explain how repeating 30 years of continuity in “For Better or For Worse” this week is not actually reprinting; several high profiles political cartoonists at daily newspapers such as Don Wright and Jim Borgman–who was a guest on Mr. Media just last week–taking buyouts; and rumors that Berkeley Breathed may be wrapping up the disappointing Sunday-only adventures of everybody’s favorite penguin, “Opus.”

You can LISTEN to this Mr. Media interview with DAILYCARTOONIST.com editor ALAN GARDNER by clicking the BlogTalkRadio.com audio player below!

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