Alluring and breathtaking, Scarlett Johansson sports a stunning diamond engagement ring on her left hand and looks every part the movie star.

The New York resident is in town to promote her starring role in Woody Allen’s “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, in which she plays a flighty New Yorker attracted to Spanish artist Javier Bardem and his ex-wife, played by Penelope Cruz. It’s a far cry from her next film, Frank Miller’s “The Spirit” both of which she discussed with Paul Fischer.

Question: Woody Allen does create these really extraordinary female characters of which you’ve played several now. What do you think sets your character in this movie apart from her predecessors?

Johansson: Well, I mean, they’re all such different characters. It’s a difficult question to answer because everything about her, I think other than her blonde hair you know, I’d be hard to find some comparison between her and the character I played in “Scoop”. I mean it’s such a ridiculous character that I played in that film, but I think that’s the best thing about working with Woody other than just getting to spend every day chatting with him and bothering him and poking him and stuff like that (laughter).

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