August 11, 2008


“I loved ‘Sin City,’ I loved ‘300,’ and I loved the kind of mystery of [director] Frank Miller. I was interested to meet him. I heard that he was doing this project, and that there were some fun female roles. I had heard of the graphic novel for ‘The Spirit.’ I knew of it, and I wanted to find out more. So I met Frank. …

“We just caught on like a house afire. It was like, ‘I love you. You’re fantastic.’ We just got along so well, and we both shared our love for the city and all of the different parts of it. Frank highlights all of those sort of dark shadowy corners. That’s what he wants. He loves that aspect of the story.”

In the film, Johansson plays a character named Silken Floss. “She’s this nurse. On the gray spectrum, she’s actually the lighter side of gray,” she says. “It’s a kind of an undeveloped role, so I think that was exciting for Frank, too, that he could develop the character and develop her story. So you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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