Will Eisner: A Spirited Life was written by Bob Andelman and published by M Press in 2005. I saw Andelman do a presentation about his biography at MegaCon in 2006. I finally bought it last year and was not disappointed. The book provides a window into the early years of the comic book industry. If you would like to learn about his creation The Spirit, the subject of Frank Miller’s movie adaption due to be released in theaters on Christmas of this year, this is the book to check out. The book follows Eisner’s varied career, both in and out of comics. Beginning just before the comic book scare of the 1950’s, Eisner left comics to produce P. S., the Army maintenance magazine, which contained a comic book insert that would illustrate a different equipment maintenance procedure each month. And it explores Eisner’s contribution to the evolution of the graphic novel. This book is a must for any library about comic book history.”
— Billy Hogan, “My Pull List” blogger (November 8, 2008)

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