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By MaryAnn Johanson

1. Gabriel Macht. He is so cute. Plus, after years of solid yeoman’s work in such flicks as American Outlaws and The Recruit and The Good Shepherd, he’s due his moment in the spotlight. He at least deserves this chance at a franchise. Also: the red tie is fantabulous.

2. Frank Miller. I know, I know: I’m a girl, and so I’m not supposed to like shit like 300 and Sin City. But I do. Deal with it.

3. Will Eisner. The man literally wrote the book on comics.

4. Samuel L. Jackson. He’s basically the coolest, baddest dude ever. And he’s so nice!

5. Nothing says “holiday cheer” like mean streets, an undead vigilante who snarls out greetings including “I’m gonna kill you all kinds of dead,” and a URL such as “” Merry fuckin’ multiplex Christmas!

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