Jamie Portman

December 18, 2008

NEW YORK — The people behind The Spirit think moviegoers deserve something new and different on Christmas Day.

The Spirit

So what are they serving up as an antidote to the turkey and the tinsel?

Would you believe a dead man walking?

Hollywood’s latest excavation from the comic-book archives resurrects a groundbreaking 1940 yarn about a murdered cop (Gabriel Macht) who is mysteriously reborn as a masked crime-fighter called The Spirit, only to meet a new nemesis in the form of a giggling psychopath known as the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson).

The film is a labour of love for contemporary graphic-novel icon Frank Miller, creator of Sin City, 300 and The Dark Knight Returns. Miller, 51, wasn’t even alive when The Spirit made his first appearance 68 years ago, but he sees this new movie as an act of homage to the story’s legendary creator Will Eisner, a comic-book pioneer.

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