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The stars of comic book film adaptation The Spirit have appeared at an abandoned warehouse.

Rather than a Leicester Square premiere, Samuel L Jackson, Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johannson graced the red carpet at the Old Post Office in central London, ahead of the film’s world premiere in New York next week.

Jackson, who plays The Octopus, said his character was the villain to The Spirit’s eponymous superhero. “He’s kind of crazy, kind of wild, kind of genius and he wants to be the biggest criminal in the world,” he said.

Johannson and Mendes both play sexy female characters. Mendes, wearing a ruffled yellow Bill Blass dress and Louis Vuitton heels, said she enjoyed baring her flesh for the film.

“It’s so fun because it’s not me. The minute I think it’s me I wig out but it’s so not me. I’m playing a character so if I drop my towel and show my bum it’s not my bum.”

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