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Frank Miller’s noir craftsmanship inspired actresses Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes to embrace the femme-fatale flourishes of his newest film

Bob Thompson

National Post

December 22, 2008

The renowned graphic novelist Frank Miller knows how to write about anxiety, but he might have trouble dealing with his own as the opening of The Spirit approaches.

The Spirit is Miller’s much anticipated live-action film version of the classic 1940s Will Eisner newspaper strip and subsequent comic book series. Opening on Christmas Day, the movie arrives with an important question: Can Miller –on his first solo directorial effort — translate the stylish 1940s noir images onto the big screen?

There’s a good chance he can. For one thing, Miller appreciates The Spirit’s creative origins. He was an Eisner friend and associate, and admits that he based some of his more popular graphic novels on Eisner’s tones and textures. Miller also codirected and co-wrote the digital Sin City film with Robert Rodriguez and penned the popular graphic novels Sin City and 300 (the movie became a worldwide hit). And Miller also famously made over Batman as the brooding Dark Knight in comics that inspired Christopher Nolan‘s hit movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

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