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By Prairie Miller

Even though Eva Mendes has a reputation lately for playing simultaneously gorgeous and evil in movies, like The Women, Ghost Rider and now Frank Miller‘s comic book thriller The Spirit, don’t ever talk to her for a minute about being all body and no brains.

At this gab session get-together for The Spirit, Eva, in the midst of fighting off a serious case of jet lag, gave a detailed discourse on her philosophy of vamp attitude, while listing the various thrills of flaunting 1940s ‘dames’ and ‘broads’ type of appeal, all in a day’s work. And how an uncontrollable lust for diamonds on the part of her materialistic-minded femme fatale Sand Saref, is not necessarily all about doing the gold digger thing. But don’t even think about turning Eva into a mere female accessory, hot or not, in a movie, even if the leading man, whether in Spirit only, happens to be Gabriel Macht. In other words, revealing her fabulous body in nothing but a towel slipping off her rear end is fine, but there had better be an impressive high IQ in evidence behind it, no pun.

What was it exactly that lured you into The Spirit?

EVA MENDES: Yeah I think…Um, what was the question?

Well, what turned you on about your character Sand Saref?

EM: Yeah, I loved that my character was created in the 1940s. So you know, I have this real ‘dame’ and ‘broad’ kind of appeal to the character. And she was just so over the top. And fantastical. And, she has some of the best lines in the movie, you know what I mean? Like, ‘Shut up and bleed!’.

That’s one of my favorites. Which, strangely, I’ve used it since! But for me, this movie was just so collaborative. That was the main thing. Am I even answering your question? I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of jet lag!


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