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by Shaun Manning, Staff Writer
March 25th, 2009

Issue #30 of “The Spirit,” DC Comics’ modern take on Will Eisner‘s classic masked crimefighter, will feature story and art by Michael Avon Oeming, co-creator of Icon’s “Powers” with Brian Michael Bendis. On sale in June and sporting a Kevin Nowlan cover, “The Spirit” #30 is a one-off tale that finds the Spirit caught in the middle of a gang war, and it’s down to Denny Colt to save his beloved city.

CBR News caught up with Oeming to discuss the issue, following in Eisner’s footsteps, and his support for the Hero Initiative, the non-profit group dedicated to helping comics creators in financial or medical need.

“The city is caught in a war between the Yakuza and Triads, it’s tearing the city apart and the Spirit has to find a peace,” Oeming told CBR, explaining the premise of his “The Spirit” #30 story. “Not to get all Zen, but it’s a story about balance. Crime/Cops, the law/vigilante etc. There’s lots to play on in the world of the Spirit.”

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