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My city screams…for better plot development

Matt Neuteboom


Did you manage to catch a viewing of “Watchmen” while on Spring Break? If you’re a Stevens student, that should be an automatic “yes.” While I would love to sit down and dissect the ups and downs of that brilliant movie, this week it is my unfortunate privilege to review a different comic book movie: “The Spirit.”

I wish “The Spirit” was half as awesome as Watchmen, but the two simply cannot be compared. “The Spirit” is Frank Miller‘s creative reinterpretation of Will Eisner‘s post-WWII comic about an ex-detective named Danny Colt who returns from the dead as the superhero The Spirit (Gabriel Macht). The Spirit seems to be some sort of weird Batman spin-off, except for the fact that he walks around in broad daylight and his closest friend is a cat.

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