Michael Dooley shot this photo of books for sale at Skirball in late June. It’s always a pleasure to see my biography, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, in such great company as Michael Chabon (who wrote the introduction to A Spirited Life), Arie Kaplan, Jules Feiffer, Stan Lee, Danny Fingeroth and David Hajdu.

Here’s what Michael had to say about the shot:

I went to the Skirball to see ZAP! POW! BAM!

It was partly to familiarize myself with the show if the subject comes up at my SDCC “comics/museums” panel discussion –

Sunday, JULY 26
1:00-2:30 pm
Room 30AB

Comics Arts Conference Session #15: “Comics In Museums —
How do comics bridge the worlds of popular art on the stands and fine art on museum walls?”
Kim Munson (Munson Art Consulting) revisits the 1983 “Comic Art Show” at the Whitney. Michael Dooley (Art Center College of Design) covers two shows, the 1990 “High and Low” exhibit and the 2005 “Masters of American Comics,” with emphasis on the works of Kurtzman and Spiegelman. Denis Kitchen (Underground Classics) discusses new trends in museum exhibitions and discusses the just-concluded “Underground Classics” show at the Chazen Art Museum and other shows he has worked on.

I’m sure your book and the others will be available in the Skirball Gift Shop (which is right outside the entrance to the comics exhibit) until the show closes on August 9th.

Thanks again, Michael, for sharing this.

Incidentally, I’ve interviewed many of the other writers represented in the picture above on “Mr. Media Radio.” Check ’em out!

David Hajdu

Arie Kaplan

Danny Fingeroth

Jules Feiffer

(Don’t forget: You can now order the audiobook edition at Audible.com!)