Legendary Will Eisner
illustrated PS Magazine

by Kelley Lane Sivley

Staff writer

August 12, 2009 11:30 AM

As the Army’s PS Magazine celebrates its 58th year in publication, a book about its history is hot off the presses.

The author, Paul Fitzgerald, tells the history of celebrated graphic novelist and artist Will Eisner, who spent 21 years bringing the material in PS Magazine to life.

“PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly has been in existence for over 58 years. In any organization that’s been around that long, you run the risk of losing the institutional memories, the earliest anecdotes and stories, and the actual truth involved with your organization’s origin,” Stuart Henderson, production manager at PS Magazine, said. “None of our current staff members were with PS during those early years. I know of only four living people who were, and one of them is Paul Fitzgerald.”

Fitzgerald served in the Army at the close of World War II. After his uniformed days were over, he went to West Virginia University and graduated in journalism. When one of his former professors took over editorship with PS Magazine, then located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., he offered a newly created position to Fitzgerald.

“I was the managing editor of a weekly newspaper in Elkton, Md., which is about 20 miles north of Aberdeen Proving Ground,” Fitzgerald said. “He reached out and recruited me as his managing editor. I was the first managing editor of PS Magazine.”

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