By Jay Stringer

August 22, 2009

You know the drill. I’m watching a film, and commenting on it as i go.

My spelling will get bad. My grammar will be non existent. But who needs those things, anyway?

I like to do introductions before a live blog. A little context to my history with the character or property. But to be truthful, in this instance its more the creator that i’ve had a long term connection to. Sure, if you’re into noir, hardboiled fiction and comics, you have to love Will Eisner. The man was a visionary, a genius, and a pioneer of the medium. His work with THE SPIRIT still stands as some of the best work done in the funny books, racist wharts and all. BUT for any person of my generation, the name FRANK MILLER carried weight long before WILL EISNER.

I’ve written before of my fragile six year old mind being warped by mr Miller. I’ve never been a fan of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, but his BATMAN: YEAR ONE and DAREDEVIL :BORN AGAIN are as good as it gets. I spent a long time arguing that hollywood needed a dose of Miller. Then it got one and……ahem. I know the exact moment i started to lose faith in him. Is was with oe single comic book, BATMAN VS SPAWN. It was bad. And i don’t just mean bad, i mean this thing was almost enough to drive me away from comics. Anywhoo….on with the show.


-Hey, it’s a left over Danny Elfman score. Or if it isn’t, it should be.

-Oh no. Scrap that. It was a false alarm. Straight into a flatline on the screen with some creepy music.

-Hey, word to the wise? Anyone who introduces themselves with the words “i am death”, is probably not Death. Especially if she’s in her underwear.