As a huge Doc Savage, Shadow, Avenger and, of course, Spirit fan, this story from‘s Jeffrey Renaud sounds pretty exciting:

 Art by Rags Morales

Besides Doc Savage and The Batman, other classic heroes inhabiting this world include The Spirit, the Avenger and Rima the Jungle Girl.

“The Avenger is dark. He’s a twisted character. His motivations come from… they don’t come from a good place,” explained Brian Azzarello. “And The Spirit is so much of that time. Will Eisner created that character and he was riffing on a lot of stuff. And with The Spirit, now we get to riff on some modern stuff.

“I’ve got the blessing of the Eisner estate to take The Spirit in a different direction. Not just The Spirit, but also Batman and Doc Savage and we’re tweaking all these characters to sort of make their stories work together in one universe.”

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