I have little to no interest in Doc Savage, or a Spirit by anyone other than Will Eisner (or Darwyn Cooke). Yet I’m still intrigued by DC’s “shocking new pulp universe” in which there’s no supermen — or, more specifically, Superman — largely, if not entirely, because it’s written by Brian Azzarello. In addition to being a fan of 100 Bullets, I hold an unwavering belief that Batman: Broken City, by Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, is superior in every way to the “Hush” storyline that preceded (and overshadowed) it. I’ll fight anyone who says different. So I’m thrilled to read Azzarello again write Batman — excuse me, “The Bat-Man” — especially as a “brash, cocky, inexperienced and daring” vigilante. Also: the under-used, and under-appreciated, Blackhawks! (DC Comics)

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