I had a great time interviewing “Rhymes With Orange” syndicated cartoonist Hilary Price on Mr. Media Radio yesterday (March 11, 2010). When it was over, I sent her a note of thanks and, as an afterthought, added the URL to this site, with no explanation.

With Hilary’s permission, here’s what she wrote back:

“Thanks for the Will Eisner link.  When I went to my first National Cartoonists Society awards dinner in 1997, I knew one person.  There were things you could sign up for during the day time, so I signed up for tennis. I played doubles with a bunch of nice old guys, one of whom took us all out for a drink after.  That was Will Eisner. 

“So I got to know his forehand before I ever got to know his drawing hand.”

I shared this anecdote with Will’s widow, Ann Eisner, who said, “I can’t tell you how pleased Will would have been that someone remembered his tennis playing.  He was almost as excited about that as his work.”

We didn’t talk about Will during the show, but you’re welcome to listen below anyway!

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