Aric Mitchell
August 24, 2010

Frank Miller used to be a guy that I had a lot of respect for. That was before he served as a one-man demolition crew to the memory of Will Eisner’s Spirit. His film adaptation of the once-respected comic book series is one of the greatest atrocities committed to film, pretty much guaranteeing that the fedora-wearing avenger will never get a fair shake at the silver screen.

From now on, Miller needs to stick to the things that he knows: comic books and commercials. While you may have to wait a bit for Miller’s next foray into the former, we’ve got the scoop on the latter. Combining 10% live action and his trademark 90% animation, Miller gives both guys and girls something to rejoice about with revealing looks at Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans in the new Gucci commercial. It only runs 33 seconds, but that’s about all of Miller’s direction people with taste can stand anyway.

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