pic of book cover, back, frontImage via Wikipedia“I first learned about the falsified inflammatory “historical” document The Protocols of the Elders of Zion this past year during the course of reading through The Orientalist by Tom Reiss (read my review here of Reiss’ historical/biographical/adventure travelogue).  I believe it was merely mentioned in passing while discussing how Hitler fanned the flames of anti-semitism in Germany, with some additional details contained within a footnote.  I certainly was no expert on this controversial propaganda tool, but at the very least it was now on my radar.  While browsing through the Hutchinson Public Library earlier this fall, I came across this book and immediately snatched it up.  I was interested to learn a little more about The Protocols, which have had a profound influence on the history of this past century that has largely gone unnoticed by the average person.  I was aware of Will Eisner by reputation only (comic book legend, creator of The Spirit, and the inventor of the “graphic novel”) and was eager to sample his work.”

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