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“It should always be taken seriously when people use code words like “blood libel”. These are words laden with meaning for the Jewish people, as they refer to anti-semitic beliefs that date from medieval times that were used to subjugate and (possibly) justify the holocaust.

“There is another strong piece of anti-semitic literature called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” This is a Russian hoax/forgery drummed up in the late 19th century that purported to be the blueprint of the Zionist takeover of the world. It is the worst kind of hatemongering cloaked in wolves’ clothing. It was used to justify pogroms and the rise and development of the Third Reich. It is still extremely popular today in certain circles.

“If you want a brilliant, graphic re-telling of the “Protocols” and its origins, read Will Eisner’s (the creator of The Spirit, among other things) “The Plot“. It was his last great work and one he’d prepared for all his life…”

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