FROM: Joe Kubert and Paul E. Fitzgerald

PS Magazine, Issue No. 1, June 1951

Today’s posting on our blogged year-long, ongoing salute to the U.S. Army’s “PS Magazine” during its Sixtieth Anniversary Year features Will Eisner’s  Front Cover, Mini-Poster, and complete Continuity for the famous publication’s first issue. That includes a (then) touchy visual insinuation of General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur.

The art is accompanied by a capsule commentary summarizing the Korean War situation of the moment, the relationship of the magazine to those concerns, along with production challenges of the first six issues.


     ¶ The Roster of Artists—60 Years of Dedicated Talent

     ¶  “PS” No. 700 (March 2011) SGT ROCK and EASY CO.  Meet MSGT HALF-MAST

     ¶ Connie, with Pogo, Owl, Dick Tracy, Maggie, Jiggs, and Many More

     ¶ The One Piece of Art that Delivers the Essence of “PS”

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