Harvey Comics' The Spirit #1 (Oct. 1966). Cove...Image via WikipediaOn the date of what would have been Will Eisner’s 94th birthday, Bleeding Cool presented an unpublished interview from sixteen years ago.
On Wednesday 5 July 1995, the legendary Will Eisner appeared in person to accept the honorary presidency of the Scottish Cartoonists and Comic Artist Members club.

The club no longer exists, having been replaced long ago by the Scottish Cartoon Society – which meets on the first Wednesday of every month in the Ingram Bar in Glasgow, but before the media circus and the army of professional fan-boys got their hands on the father of modern comics, I enjoyed the rare privilege of sitting with Mr Eisner and his wife Ann for a meal and chat.

The fascinating conversation I had with the creator of The Spirit, A Contract With God and To The Heart Of The Storm was never published. So, on what would have been his 94th birthday, here is a taste of the memorable evening I spent with a man regarded by many as the most influential comic book artist ever to have lived.

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