The full-color meeting of SGT Rock and his Easy Company with MSGT Half-Mast in the pages of the 700th issue (March 2011) of “PS Magazine” may very well be the high-water mark—at least for certified comics fans—in this Sixtieth Anniversary Year of the U.S. Army’s highly successful “PS Magazine.” Something like an imagined encounter of Alvin C. York with Audie Murphy

We have been able to post the Front Cover and all eight pages of the Continuity through the kind permission of DC Comics, granted promptly and with great enthusiasm for the “PS” celebration.


    ¶  Connie, with Pogo, Owl, Dick Tracy, Maggie, Jiggs, and Many More

    ¶  The One Piece of Art that Delivers the Essence of “PS:

    ¶  Artists Mentioned in Connection with “PS”

    ¶  Murphy Anderson’s Best “PS” Front Covers

    ¶  Best “PS” Front Covers by the “Eisner Alumni” Group

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