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BlogPost 20 – U.S. Army’s Grand 60th Birthday Party for PS: Part A


Please forgive us, folks! We missed getting our blogpost up last week because both Joe and I ran away to Alabama. On Tuesday, June 27, we met up at Redstone Arsenal where we had been invited to participate in the splendid celebration the U.S. Army had laid on to recognize the Sixtieth Anniversary of PS Magazine. It was so impressive that we plan to present a sub-set of at least three postings regarding the event, to make sure that all the many facets involved are covered.

This probably is the most important event that we will be addressing in our ongoing, year-long salute to the U.S. Army’s internationally acclaimed PS Magazine during its Sixtieth Anniversary Year.

The remarks by senior military commanders reflect an impressive awareness of PS accomplishments in the past, and a fulsome appreciation for the manner in which PS has seized the potential of social media and complete content availability online.

The image below shows the Front Cover of the impressive full-color program for the event.


¶ A Covey of Connies: World War II to Today

¶ Eisner Saluted Gunsmoke in PS

¶ Best of Zeke Zekely in PS

¶ PS Characters in Animation

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