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Uncle Sam
By John Carle
July 4, 2011

Everyone knows Uncle Sam, the government poster boy that points out to passersby from his poster that America needs them. But this isn’t the only incarnation of the character. In 1940, one of the founding fathers of comics, Will Eisner, created Uncle Sam for National Comics #1. This version of Uncle Sam was the spirit of a slain Revolutionary War soldier who came back for his country in its time of need.

Once Quality Comics was purchased by DC, Uncle Sam went through some changes being put on the Justice League at one point as well as being the leader of the Freedom Fighters. His origin was also rewritten where he was instead a spirit created by occult activities of America’s founding fathers.

Uncle Sam was most recently seen in Blackest Night where he helps fend off the hordes of the undead heroes including members of his Freedom Fighters team killed during Infinite Crisis.

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