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BlogPost 27 – Early Covers Plopped Eisner and PS in Hot Water

Despite the six-year sabbatical that had been in play since the end of World War II in 1945, when Will Eisner shuffled through his memories of Connie Rodd and Joe Dope in the spring of 1951 it seemed like business as usual at the same old stand—except that the name of the stand had been changed from Army Motors to PS Magazine. It turned out to be an illusion, though.

We give you the complete story, along with sixteen of the early PS Front Covers, in BlogPost – 27 as part of our ongoing, year-long salute to the U.S. Army’s acclaimed publication in its Sixtieth Anniversary Year. The Front Cover of PS 12 (May 1953), the favorite of longtime PS staffer, managing editor, and editor, Donald K. Hubbard (who retired in 1991), is shown below to give you an idea of just what the long-running hoo-ha was all about. Eisner was pushing the envelope before the phrase was invented. (And, yes, there really was a twin-peaked sample of mountainous Korean terrain that the troops nicknamed “Jane Russell.)

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