FROM: Joe Kubert and Paul E. Fitzgerald

BlogPost 32 – Eisner / Kubert: Variations on a Visual Theme
The recent Front Cover on PS 709, December 2011, represented a daring change-up pitched by the publication’s staff and Joe Kubert, the current creative artist and production services contractor! For the first time in its 60-plus years as an international pace-setter in the use of sequential art for communicating technical and motivational information, the U.S. Army’s Preventive Maintenance Monthly has chosen to underscore the constancy of the medium’s effectiveness by utilizing Joe’s reprise of a seasonal scene set 56 years ago by Will Eisner for the Front Cover of PS 39 in December of 1955.

Both versions are posted, both singly and abutted (see below), with comments by both Joe and Fitz.

¶ Video: Joe Kubert at PS 60th Anniversary Celebration
¶ Video: Colonel ‘Pat’ Sullivan, Head of PS’s Home Command
¶ Video: Lieutenant General Via Salutes PS Program
¶ Video: Fitz Tells About Early PS, ‘Back in the Day’
¶ Best of PS by Perspective Instructional Communications
¶ Joe Dope Meets Beetle Bailey in PS
¶ A Covey of Connies—World War II to Today
¶ Wrap-Up: A Wonderful Year of Celebration

We initiated the blog, The Best of PS Magazine 1951-2011, in February of 2011, promising you a “year-long salute” to PS during its Sixtieth Anniversary Year. We hope to fulfill that pledge by completing presentation of the projected postings listed above, prior to the end of March 2012.

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