Diana Schutz, Dark Horse Comics editor

Diana Schutz, Dark Horse Comics editor

By Christian Lipski

In honor of Will Eisner Week (the week of March 6th every year), Portland publisher Dark Horse Comics joined up with the Comics Underground live-reading event to present a tribute to the comic book legend. In a switch from the normal Comics Underground show, all the participants read from Eisner’s last book, Last Day In Vietnam.

Starting off the evening was Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz, who worked with Eisner on Last Day In Vietnam, Eisner’s recollections of his time as both a soldier and reporter in several wars. Schutz talked about her time with Eisner on the book, and was followed by the local comics talent that she invited to participate.

Brian Michael Bendis (Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man) read the first story in the book, a first-person perspective of a reporter who is shown around an encampment by a soldier on his last day.

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