City Journal Spring 2013, story by Stefan Kanfer on Will Eisner

The Spring 2013 issue of City Journal features a story by Stefan Kanfer on Will Eisner

Stefan Kanfer wrote a very nice piece about Will Eisner and his career called “Where There’s a Will” for the scholarly City Journal‘s Spring 2013 issue.

But I do have one or two bones to pick:

1. Will Eisner never graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School, contrary to the supposition in the first paragrah (and second). I know this because he was ashamed of it his entire life. And he told me personally, as published for the first time in Will Eisner: A Spirited Life.

From Page 117: He was denied a high school diploma because he flunked geometry… “My parents never knew,” Will said, “but I told them I’d make it up in summer school. Never did.”

2. Stefan doesn’t credit any of his sources in the story. That bothers me because, well, a lot of sentences seem very familiar. I don’t want to use the “P” word per se, but it’s always better to credit your sources when possible.

Click HERE to read Kanfer’s story for yourself.


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