Will Eisner and PS Magazine, Paul Fitzgerald

Will Eisner and PS Magazine by Paul Fitzgerald



The name Will Eisner is synonymous with good comics. The industry Eisner Award — the comics world’s version of the Oscars—even bears his name. Writers and artists work their whole careers hoping to win an Eisner.

Eisner is most famous for The Spirit — a genre-bending series about a masked crime fighter. Most observers also give Eisner credit for coining the term “graphic novel” — and then elevating graphic novels to the level of a serious art form.

Less well known is Eisner’s stint in the U.S. Army and his work for, and on, the military. War and military service were strong threads running through Eisner’s long and productive life. But it wasn’t until his twilight years that the artist finally directly addressed those formative subjects.

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Last Day in Vietnam by Will Eisner

Last Day in Vietnam by Will Eisner