by Jeffrey Renaud

Contributing Writer

Posted: May 9, 2007

“The Spirit” #6, in stores May 19

Re-imaging a Will Eisner comic book hero is the equivalent of telling Zeus you may want to take another stab at Perseus and yet Darwyn Cooke stood up and took the challenge.

Now five issues into his run on “The Spirit,” CBR News spoke with Cooke about what it is that drew the critically acclaimed creator to the title and why he loves both writing and drawing Denny Colt in a monthly series.

“It is fun working on ‘The Spirit’ because Denny Colt is human,” explained Cooke. “His world is very real to me, in a romantic sort of way. Without the burden of a universe of continuity, and without superpowers, characterization becomes king. It is fun to develop the new characters like Ginger Coffee and Hussein Hussein, and it has been fun to see how easily the strip translates to today’s world. I believe it’s a testament to the timeless quality of the world Will created.”