By Leslie Morgan
November 19, 2007

When Comics2Film editor Rob Worley told me I was getting spend the day on set of Frank Miller’s new film ‘The Spirit’ based on the comics by Will Eisner I was pretty excited, so much so that I leapt to my feet, banged my knee and cried out with a mixture of joy and pain. I had never been on a big budget movie set before and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have my “first time” be on a Frank Miller set.

We arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Tuesday afternoon. ‘The Spirit’ was shooting less than 3 miles away from the airport and on brand spanking new state of the art sound stages, Albuquerque Studios. ‘The Spirit’ is the first film to be shot in the new studio and has taken over stages seven and eight.

Upon arriving at the studio we were asked to check in with the Production Coordinator. On our way we were greeted by warm smiles and waves.

As I signed away my first born child to get my on set pass who comes up behind me than none other than Dan Lauria, best known as Kevin Arnold’s father in the television show The Wonder Years. Lauria was in to shoot his scenes as Commissioner Dolan and was asking around for a script as we made our way out of the offices and back into the hallway.

The adage of sit around and wait is often used while in production and it hold true for members of the press who go to set visits. Our next destination was delayed, an interview with Producer Deborah Del Prete on the set.

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