By Leslie Morgan
November 16, 2007

I’m standing on set surrounded by a blanket of what can only be described as a bizarre shade of lime green when Frank Miller approaches. He’s tall, lanky and wearing an Indiana Jones style fedora. His smile is wide, his eyes sparkle like a kid at Christmas and his presence is calm yet strong. One would think the green would engulf him, but it is he who engulfs the sea of green around him. During a break from filming, after wrapping a scene with Gabriel Macht, Miller spoke about what it’s like to be at the helm of the much-anticipated film, ‘The Spirit’.

Frank Miller was thirteen years old when he first came across Will Eisner’s ‘The Spirit.’

“I was blown away and thought it was someone new to comics because it was so far ahead of anything else coming out. I followed it religiously. There was one night when I picked up the latest issue of ‘The Spirit’ and was so excited I had to stop at a lamppost in Vermont where I lived and read it on the spot. It was the Sand Saref story, which is the basis for this movie.”

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